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Oyk-D.Coy has been influenced by many different kinds of music, or actually none... One life changing experience, though, was visiting a Pink Floyd concert in the late '80's, age 12. The overwhelming sound and light show swept Oyk (Auke van der Gaast) off his feet and left a deep imprint on his (musical/cultural) development, although it would take another five years for Auke to get in touch with the tracker software that enabled him to make his own music for the very first time.

Now Oyk-D.Coy has been making music for almost 14 years, and over these years he developed a very distinct style. Some call it electro clash, some call it Minimal Techno. Many of the tracks have a soothing trancey feel to them. Actually: We don't care what label you stick to it... But you'd better enjoy!!!